The Oro Name

What’s in a name?

In establishing Oro, Galia wanted to ensure our name reflects our intent to effect positive change in the world of work through enhancing relationships and sharing wisdom.

Using the ideas of Te Aroha (Ngāti Whātua), Galia was  guided by Te Ao Māori to seek inspiration from the natural world.  Galia has always resonated with trees, and felt that trees are a wonderful metaphor for mentors, who need to be steady and grounded, offer nourishment and shelter when needed, and provide the opportunity to climb higher.

Because group mentoring is our flagship programme, Galia wanted a name that reflects the power of mentoring in a group environment, and looked to her own Jewish cultural background. 

Trees represent knowledge on many levels in Judaism, from the Tree of Knowledge and the Forbidden Fruit, through Deborah the Prophetess who ruled Israel from under a date tree, to the concept of Pardes or Orchard, which represents Kabbalistic knowledge. 

Galia settled on the name Oro, which in Te Reo means a grove of trees of the same kind.  In Hebrew, ‘Oro’ translates to ‘the light’, and in Spanish and Italian it translates to gold.  All of these meanings are different expressions of the power of mentoring, and the sharing of insights and experiences to form nourishing relationships.