Our Matching Process

Like any other relationship, the key to ensuring high quality mentoring relationships is a good match!  Matching is the ‘secret sauce’ for the success of our programmes.

Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise in the field of mentoring after working with hundreds of mentees over the years, we have perfected an evidence-based approach to mentor-mentee matching. 

In our group mentoring programmes, participants are systematically matched with each other and their mentors based on their aspirations, values, and strengths, thereby curating supportive peer groups that benefit from the access to the senior leaders in their organisations.

Through being matched according to values and strengths, I got to meet all these amazing women leaders who had strengths like mine. Before that I hadn’t even thought about them as workplace strengths.”

Mentee, Fletcher Building


We also offer support for one-on-one matching and can guide you through our evidence-based approach to doing so to ensure that both mentors and mentees make the most out of the experience. 

“The matching process was excellent – my mentees felt they had a say in who their mentor was and this eliminated any barriers to connection from the start. I felt that my group had aligned values and motivations, which lead to a strong group dynamic. There was openness and safety from the beginning.”

GM Group mentor, ASB Bank

Talk to us if you are serious about unleashing the mentoring superpower of your organisation.  

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