One-on-One Mentoring Support

If you are after support for your in-house one-on-one mentoring programme, look no further! 

We partner with clients to help them better structure their one-on-one mentoring programmes. 

We offer mentor training and learning content to enrich and broaden the mentoring experience.  We support mentors throughout their process, bring them together, and facilitate knowledge-sharing sessions. 

“Mentoring like this is an ongoing process of deep observation and deep listening.  It’s like reaching out to your mentee across a void and making real contact.”

Mentor, HP Indigo, Israel

Drawing Heavily on Positive Psychology, Positive Organisational Development, and Appreciative Inquiry, as well as our combined experience as mentors and coaches, we offer workshops for both mentors and mentees that facilitate deeper, more meaningful discussions on the following topics:

  • Setting yourself up for an impactful mentoring relationship
  • Goal setting and mentoring
  • Signature Strengths and mentoring
  • Exposure and mentoring
  • Listening
  • Activating upward spirals
  • Cultivating courage
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Building your personal brand

“The material is fantastic! I liked having a different topic each month with pre-work to complete prior to meeting. My favourite topics were: Signature Strengths, Listening, and Imposter Syndrome.”

Mentee ASB Bank

We are happy to work with you and tailor our support to the needs of your organisation. 

Our mentoring workbook for one-on-one mentors is a powerful resource designed to support mentors in establishing high-quality relationships with their mentees.  It has specialised, research-based content as well as mentoring tools, and it is incorporated into our support offering.

Talk to us if you are serious about unleashing the mentoring superpower of your organisation.