Group Mentoring

Our group mentoring flagship programme is market leading.  The one-to-many strengths-based approach is highly impactful with proven results.

It is designed to build senior leaders’ capabilities in coaching and mentoring, as well as provide under-represented groups with safe, encouraging, and supported development opportunities.  This approach has proven to be especially powerful for advancing women in male-dominated industries, something we are deeply passionate about. 

“Oro Group Mentoring is simultaneously the least threatening and most impactful female empowerment programme I’ve ever come across”

Rachael Regan Paterson, GM People and Performance, Fletcher Construction

Our innovative 10-month programme takes a two-pronged approach to mentoring: creating supportive peer groups, as well as providing access for mentees to connect to senior leaders within their organisations. Mentees are scientifically matched to their peers in the group and to the group mentor.

We invest heavily in training and building the capacity of the mentors on our programmes.  Mentors often come back because they found the experience so professionally and personally fulfilling!

“I would like to express my gratitude to Oro Group Mentoring and Dr. Galia BarHava-Monteith for this mentorship program and for their vision and commitment to empowering women in leadership.  The program has equipped me with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in my career and make a lasting impact; I have developed crucial leadership skills, honed my strategic thinking abilities, and sharpened my decision-making capabilities.  Their dedication to fostering diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities is commendable, and I am proud to have been a part of this transformative initiative.”

Cherise Bernard, New Home Sales Consultant, Fletcher Living

We offer extensive mentor training up-front and continue to offer structured support and guidance throughout the 10 months.  This support comes in the form of bi-monthly capability-building sessions as well as opportunities for one-on-one sessions with Dr Galia or one of the team

In addition to our in-depth training, mentors receive four mentor handbooks that are updated annually.  We also send monthly content emails on relevant topics for mentors to discuss with their groups.  Our content covers topics that have been raised by previous cohorts, and range from ‘Tough vs Toxic’ to ‘Goal Setting’ and ‘Exposure’.

“I made a material shift to invest in my personal development, to gain a better understanding of what it’s like for women in the organisation; to be better at listening.  Imposter syndrome is something we all experience, and it’s comforting to know that. Tough vs toxic – I’ve got my radar on.”

Male group mentor, Fletcher Construction



Our group mentoring programme offers extensive scaffolding for the mentoring experience.  The groups come together as a cohort six times throughout the programme for facilitated workshops and learning events, specifically designed to enhance their experience and deepen their connections.  In addition, mentees also receive our monthly content emails. 

After participating in this programme, I feel like I have a new set of tools and actions to use when I identify various situations where I might need to pivot or change my approach. 

Learning and listening to stories and examples from other members of the group on how they deal with issues and challenges has helped me develop my leadership and teamwork capabilities.”

Group mentee, ASB bank

Our minimum size for group mentoring is 25 mentees with five mentors.  Our maximum size is 55 mentees with 11 mentors.  Each mentor has a group of five mentees with whom they work with exclusively throughout the year.    

It has been really good to network with other women from different departments of the company…I feel like the best part of this programme is creating a space and time where we can actually reflect/discuss where we are in our careers and where we want to get to, it can be easily swept aside when acting our out daily jobs.

Mentee, Fletcher Building

Using our unique approach, you can quickly scale mentoring in your organisation to hundreds of individuals, which will transform the culture of your organisation.

Talk to us if you are serious about unleashing the mentoring superpower of your organisation.