A significant body of research is demonstrating that when people measure their own self-worth by comparing themselves to others, and when they focus on external material things such as money and status, they become more unhappy, and enjoy less vitality. However, when we understand our values and drivers, and become able to align our personal and professional lives with them, we are likely to enjoy vitality and success. 

The key to achieving this is working to become aware of what our drivers and values are.


Drawing on her own and others’ research, Galia offers the following:


1 hour talk

Unlimited participants. 


A one-hour introductory talk for an unlimited number of people where participants will receive an overview of:

  1. What values are and how they relate to our drivers
  2. How to identify your personal values
  3. Key strategies for aligning with your values in your personal and professional lives


4 hour interactive workshop

For up to 16 participants.


A four-hour interactive workshop for up to 16 participants, that can be tailored to different work environments. The workshop is designed to achieve the following:

  1. The health and wellbeing consequences when personal values are constantly affronted
  2. Strategies to address these difficult situations
  3. A personalised values-based action plan to address situations where your values are being affronted at work and/or in your personal life