Most people are aware of Positive Psychology, but few realise that what we know about ‘flow’, the ‘growth mindset’, and other popular positive psychology topics is all built on the foundation of extensive research into Signature Strengths. 

These are THE authoritative classification and measurement system of human strengths.  You can take the free assessment here


Drawing her own and others’ research, Galia offers the following:


1 hour talk

Unlimited participants. 


A one-hour introductory talk for an unlimited number of people where participants will receive an overview of:

  1. What Signature Strengths are, and how they are different from talents and traits
  2. How they can be used in every aspect of our lives to increase our effectiveness and vitality
  3. The most effective strategies in developing them

Participants are asked to complete the free Signature Strengths questionnaire before the talk and will be given an opportunity to participate in a brief interactive exercise during the talk.


4 hour interactive workshop

For up to 16 participants.


A four-hour interactive workshop for up to 16 participants, that can be tailored to different work environments. The workshop is designed to achieve the following:

  1. An in-depth understanding how Signature Strengths underpin Positive Psychology and many of the concepts they have heard of – such as ‘flow’ and strength-based interventions – so that they are able to make more informed choices about their own personal development
  2. A personalised Signature Strengths-based action plan to address the current challenges they are facing at work, and/or at home

Participants will complete the Signature Strengths questionnaire prior to attending and ‘deep dive’ into what they mean and how they can be used in their own context.