Adopting a self-awareness mindset is the necessary first step for achieving a sense of wellbeing and ongoing vitality in our lives. 

People who have a self-awareness mindset, are better teammates, better leaders and better friends.  They are also better able to bounce back from adversity and overcome challenges.


Drawing on her own and others’ research, Galia offers the following:


1 hour talk

Unlimited participants. 


A one-hour introductory talk for an unlimited number of people where participants will receive an overview of:

  1. What a ‘self-awareness’ mindset is, and what it isn’t
  2. Why it is important
  3. Key strategies to achieve it


4 hour interactive workshop

For up to 16 participants.


A four-hour interactive workshop for up to 16 participants, that can be tailored to different work environments.  The workshop is designed to achieve the following learning outcomes for participants:

  1. An in-depth understanding of what a ‘self-awareness’ mindset is
  2. An in-depth overview of different strategies that can be adapted to their own unique needs and styles
  3. A detailed individualised action plan for increasing their self-awareness mindset