“The content was concise and stimulating, and just enough to let osmosis start”



Thanks so much for the opportunity to come to the feedback workshop. I enjoyed it so much and I was so happy I took the time to come in that day.

For me personally, when I can come away from a workshop where I have genuinely learned something that I will put into practice at work and in my personal life, it’s a big win.


Galia is incredible, I think I could listen to her all day; she simulates really good conversation and creates an environment where everyone feels safe. I loved the way she listens (if that is a thing), but she pauses with intent and gives the person her full attention when they are talking. She is also really organised, which I love as I think it demonstrates respect of everyone’s time and learning abilities. 

The content was concise and stimulating, and just enough to let osmosis start for me. I would love more of this type of training – when the psychology behind things is explained, it really helps it sink in for me.

So, overall a big thumbs up for me for “Contemporary Approaches to Giving Better Feedback”. This would be a really valuable course for our organisation in the current times we live in.”

Executive Manager, ASB Bank

The culture, health and vitality of your organisation is determined by
the behaviour of each individual within it. Their health and vitality in turn, is determined by your culture.

In this time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, organisations have even greater responsibility to their staff. organisations and individuals’ vitality and health are constantly under attack. Like never before, leaders must actively consider and engage with the culture of their organisations. Toxic cultures directly impact the health and well-being of their staff, and can lead to quantifiable adverse outcomes such as productivity losses, as well as depression and even chronic illness.

Galia is an organisational culture specialist.  Her flexible offer includes bespoke consulting as well as talks and experiential workshops that are designed to enable you to ‘pick and choose’ those topics that are the most relevant to your organisation. Her talks and workshops are focused on the most effective and proven strategies for individuals within organisations to regain and maintain vitality, which in turn, constibures to the culture of organisations.


Cultivating positive and enabling organisational cultures for vitality

Originally from Israel, Dr Galia Barhava-Monteith began her career with the Boston Consulting Group. She coordinated the original HR integration at Fonterra and was subsequently appointed Head of Ethics and Social Responsibility. After leaving Fonterra, Galia founded the social change organisation Professionelle.org.nz dedicated to supporting women throughout their career.

Since, she has continued to support a range of causes on a pro bono basis – most recently the Barhava Report, an evaluation of an indigenous impact initiative in the Australian Northern Territory. Her track record of social impact saw Galia appointed Deputy Chair of the National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women and inducted as an Edmund Hillary Fellow.


Leading organisations Dr Galia and her Team proudly works with

Leading organisations Galia proudly works with


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Enable your staff to be effective and influential by building their capability to hold impactful meetings. Galia designed this research-based simple tool to help you do just that. Get Galia’s ‘Essential Meeting Planning tool’ today..